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Did You Know? Calgary has over 1.2 million people!

Answers - All that you need to know for being a successful Licensed Real Estate Agent in the Calgary area!

Welcome to one of the most respected real estate offices in the Greater Calgary area!
Strategically located just outside the Calgary city limits - for a reason.

This page is your "One Stop" location on the web & offers as much information as possible
in order for you to make a "proper and informed career decision."
We are a professional, full service, high performance provider of real estate services.
We offer an enjoyable fun culture along with a complete system that provides proven
results for our agents.

We work in all specialty areas of real estate and cover the Greater Calgary area.

Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw, Springbank, the MD's of Mountain
View & Big Horn and the rural areas of Rockyview County.
If you ever have any questions at all... please remember to contact us for the answers.

DID YOU KNOW: 60% of our REALTOR's are rated in the TOP 10% of Royal LePage - NATIONWIDE!

If you are new to real estate or just thinking about a career change you can easily get started with our Real Estate Simulator above.

The Simulator will give you a better understanding of what is required of a real estate
professional. Find out if this is a good career fit for you?

Experienced REALTOR (You can do the Simuator or just enquire with us by phone/email) The Simulator might give you some insight on where your weaknesses lie and what areas to work on.

The Simulator will compare you to REALTORS who are in the TOP 10%... so find out where you stack up, you just might be pleasantly surprised! All results are kept confidential.

DID YOU KNOW: Our Mentor - Rated - TOP 1% of OVER 16,000 Royal LePage Agents NATIONWIDE!

You can initiate the "confidential" process now.

We understand that for many, making the change can be uncomfortable.
You can proceed in finding out information at a speed you are comfortable with.
We are here to assist you and to make it easier - If you decide to move, we will do your paper work for you. We will even notify your previous brokerage if you want us to!

Taking the headache out of the process.

We will assist you to migrate your business over and get started quickly so that you can hit the ground running. We view our brokerage as a service provider to you, one you can trust and one that goes the extra mile.

Work from our Office or ask us about the "Work From Home Program" that we have for Calgary Agents - your choice!

Often agents will move because of a lack of managerial support, training or income/expense.
With a Business Review YOU will be able to clearly see what you need to change or add to your business. With these changes you may decide to
stay where you are now? Either way we are glad that we could help you to get closer to your goal as we believe in giving first.

Remember; There are a lot more benefits that we have to offer.


Royal LePage Integrity will help you maximize your earning potential, by providing you with powerful business tools, access to leads and referrals, and training for all stages of your career. Build your skills to fill your sales pipeline.

Our professionals are supported by a strong national brand with a culture of collaboration & innovation. We provide access to cutting edge technology, services & leadership that you need to be successful and to grow your businesses.

Ken Morris Email: Phone: (403) 932-2101

  • Dedicated, disciplined, self starters who implement what they learn,
  • Someone who has owned at least one home and has some life experience,
  • Comfortable with computers, SMART phones and learning new technology,
  • Wanting to become a full-time professional - and acts like it,
  • One who believes in & looks after their clients needs before their own,
  • Success Driven and it shows by the way they dress and the vehicle they drive,
  • Flexible with schedules, innovative, driven and not afraid of hard work,
  • Confident in their abilities but not so ego centric to not ask for assistance,
  • A friendly people-person who listens more than they talk,
  • A believer in “Life Time Learning” and willing to assist others,
  • Positive by nature with a deep desire to achieve balance in their life,
  • Reliable, Goal Orientated and Driven towards success,
  • Resilient after objection & rejection and learns to remain ambitious,
  • Business minded, a planner & thinker as well as a good money manager,
  • Owns their own Smart Phone and LapTop computer.
  • Ethical, honest and moral in their decisions, their words and their actions.
  • Is this you?

We offer plenty of unique benefits here at Integrity.
We share some of them with you here. Others will be shared if & when we meet in person. Lets be honest, it is in our best interest too that you are successful & happy working here!

They are in the Top 10% of over 16,000 Agents in Canada!

  • You should ask yourself and then ask us WHY?
  • Will you become a future success story too?


Top (1%) One Percent of Over 16,000 Royal LePage Agents in Canada!

  • Learn from one who is repeatedly rated as a Top Producer,
  • Our Training Program is second to none - PERIOD!

Whether you are new to real estate or an experienced veteran, making it an easy transition is part of our program. We offer you a successful, professional, advanced “One Stop Service Office.

Another benefit, for you, for your businesses and for your clients!

Because “Success Really Does Leave Clues” we want to help all of our agents to profit from our proven system. This is what got us where we are today & this can work for you too. Just like it did for our other agents!

  • Many of our Agents make Six Digit Incomes!
  • 60% of our Agents are in the TOP 10%!
  • Our Mentor is in the TOP 1% Nationwide!
  • A Friendly Office - Top Notch Training & Technology - A Sharing Culture.


  • Managers are available for you - 24x7,
  • Broker and Associate Broker,
  • One on One Coaching,
  • Mentorship Program,
  • Continuous Support – Continous Training,
  • Administrative Support to back you up.

“We are large enough to offer you the right tools and international connections, but small enough that you can talk to us almost any time of any day!”

You can be confident that we have the answers you require & the experience that you desire - Our history & numbers speak for the success we have enjoyed here at Integrity!

  • In-House with one on one meetings/training/accountability,
  • Two of the TOP Real Estate Trainers in North America are the basis of our systems,
  • Add in the Royal LePage Training Center plus regional & national training events.
  • See more on this topic below...

Our trained Staff are here to help you with your day to day tasks. You don’t have to worry about paperwork going to the right places. You receive administrative monitoring and assistance to back you up.

"We believe that you need to leverage your time so that you can spend more time on the "high-income tasks" such as prospecting, face-to-face meetings & building those ever-important relationships. This will allow you to close more sales, make more money and have a more balanced lifestyle!"

As a business owner yourself, you need to know that those you work with are consistently able to produce what was promised. Our name (Integrity) was intentional and we stand behind that name - 100%.

Enjoy Same Day Payouts when your commissions arrive!


If you or one of your clients requires the services of others - we have you covered.

We have connections with some of the finest in their industries such as:

  • Lawyers – Legal advice & services,
  • Lenders & Mortgage Brokers – Mortgage advice & services,
  • Accounting – Personal & corporate advice & services,
  • Financial – Financial advice & services,
  • Client Gifts, Supplies and Personally Branded items,
  • Inspectors – Residential, Country and Commercial,
  • IT – We have our own IT people to help with computer technology,
  • Photography – Video – Drones - Stagers - Cleaners and other services!
  • Preferred Partners – BMW’s, SMART Phones, Car Rental, Medicine & Much More!
  • An organization with values!
  • FREE - Personalized Website,
  • FREE - Legal Advice From Lawyers,
  • FREE - Long Distance Phone Calls,
  • FREE - Computer Tech Support,
  • FREE - Mortgage Advice from Lenders & Brokers,
  • FREE - Weekly Training Program – Beginners to Veterans.,
  • FREE - Coaching.
  • New Agent Program – Gets you up and running faster.
  • Experienced Agent Program – Makes for an easier, faster transition.
  • Accessibile 24x7 - Broker and Associate Broker,
  • In-House Administrative Assistance & Conveyance services,
  • All your Listings entered onto our main Integrity website,
  • All your Listings entered onto the Royal LePage national website,
  • Secure Wireless, Cabled High Speed Internet, Printers, Fax, Scanner,
  • 24 Hour Answering Service - Messages Direct To Your SMART Phone.
  • Weekly Office Meetings – Guest Speakers, Valued Information & Guidance,
  • Weekly Training Program in classroom,
  • Career Development Program - For Experienced Agents,
  • Annual Goal Setting & Business Plan Training.
  • Virtual Office - Access your Documents Anytime – From Anywhere!
  • Paperless System – Quick & Easy – From Your Car, Home, Anywhere!
  • On-Line Resource Center – Training, Webinars - 24x7 & Much More!
  • On-Line Marketing Center – Quick marketing pieces available in minutes!
  • On-Line Store - Purchase Supplies, Marketing Items & Gifts online in minutes!
  • On-Line Training Center - 24x7 Training, Designations Recorded & Live!
  • Cochrane Agents Also Receive Weekly Ads in a Cochrane Newspaper,
  • TV Screens – for professional client presentations,
  • Same Day Payout of earned commissions,
  • Courier System for Document delivery,
  • 24 Hour - Office Access.
  • Regular Social Events and FREE Birthday Luncheons!
  • Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet,
  • A Full Service, Professional, Friendly & Fun Office - Great Morale!

Community Involvement - Fun Events - Charities & Annual Trade Show

  • Saves you time and money while building efficiency for clients and others.
  • Work from your home office, your car or even paradise when on holidays!
  • Easily access this from all formats, SMART phones, Tablets and other devices.
  • Access and work on your files from anywhere! – It’s fast and it’s easy!
  • Sign documents on a Tablet, I-pad or even a Phone!
  • Share the Documentation with those that need it quickly.
  • Cutting Edge Technology Included – It’s your choice to take advantage of it!

Ask us how you can guarantee your success! * * Conditions apply.


For new agents starting in the business, the education you receive to obtain your real estate license teaches you about real estate law, contracts, rules and regulations. That’s about where it ends. There’s still a lot you must learn to maximize your potential! Much of our continued training focuses on sales, marketing, business and people.

We offer you ongoing and specialized training.

Add the Tools and Services geared towards both new & experienced agents.

We do this to ensure you learn all you need to know as quickly as possible! We want you to have the shortcut to proven knowledge, experience and tools. After all we share in your success too!

Our in-house classes, coaching and training - is provided FREE!


Start-Up Training: We offer live Welcome Webinars, and Royal LePage 101, a series of webinars that will introduce you to the Royal LePage brand story. We will show you how you can use all of the proprietary tools & services for prospecting, client nurturing, working with buyers, working with sellers & gaining repeat business.

Hands-On, In-Person Training: A group of accredited Learning Consultants travel across the country to visit our office or a location near you. Our trainers provide you with hands-on training about the latest industry trends and best practices, using the proprietary tools and services to help you grow your business.

Skills Training: We also provide access to additional general training on sales and customer service through Royal LePage University and third-party industry partnerships.


Sales and Business Skills Training: Access to a Royal LePage tailored Leader’s Edge Virtual Training System. It’s a 12-week course that teaches you critical selling, objections handling and negotiation skills in addition to business planning and time management skills.

Sales Pipeline Training: As you develop the key skills, you’ll want to access our Buffini & Company Peak Producers Program. We teach you how to develop your sales pipeline by working your sphere of influence as well as using a system that teaches regular follow-up and accountability. New agents on this program can set the foundations of building a thriving business.


Whether you are just getting started, want to stay current or are accelerating your performance. We recognize that the real estate industry is constantly changing. We are committed to your continued professional development & your success.


We provide you with our online Royal LePage University as well as industry training partnerships that will teach you all about the soft skills of sales and service success.

We Encourage “Life Time Learning"
Income is directly tied to knowledge & experience.
In this fast moving world if you stand still, you are moving backwards!

  • FREE: Classes are held weekly - Mandatory for our new agents.
  • Class visits from our “Top 1% Mentor.”
  • Topics on most everything from Accounting, Goals, Business Plans, Sales Techniques, Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization & beyond.
  • Build your successful career & business into a Six Digit Income!
  • Our system will assist you with the proven strategies & short cuts to success!

“This is just a sampling of why our Integrity Agents consistently rank in the
top levels of over 16,000 Royal LePage professionals across Canada!”

The Confidence that Others Have Succeeded Before You!

Expert Advice: Know that many others have succeeded before you with these programs. We are known for our training! They too are willing to provide you with the support & guidance required, as we live our motto of Helping You is What We Do!


Are you currently working in real estate, but looking for a change so that you can:
  • Take your business to the next level & reach your professional goals?
  • Find more work-life balance while maintaining your business goals?
  • Work for a company that values giving back to the community?
  • Work in a supportive & collaborative environment?
  • Increase your overall income and profitability?
  • Reach your personal goals too!

We are committed to helping you excel and achieve the results you want, by supporting you with a strong brand, culture of collaboration, innovation, leading training, awesome technology and cutting edge marketing tools while giving back to the community.

We even teach an annual course on Goals and Action Plans to achieve success.

At Royal LePage Integrity, Helping You is What We Do™.


As an experienced agent, you have all of the basic skills needed to do your job, but may be looking for help to improve your business? Whether it’s to be more productive, more profitable, increase your work-life balance or to become part of a national network of top-producing sales professionals who enjoy a more supportive and collaborative work environment.

  • Royal LePage Signature Events,
  • National & International Sales Conferences,
  • National Leadership Conferences,
  • Regional & International Training Events,
  • National Chairman’s Club Retreat and
  • Regional and Local Award Ceremonies.

“You can’t complain that there isn’t enough training!”

We offer specific industry and proprietary designations that you can earn in
several areas… even becoming an expert with Social Media!
Others are available through our local board and association.


At Royal LePage Integrity we provide you with cutting edge, top-notch marketing tools to promote yourself and to support you with a strong national media program to build brand awareness and stay top-of-mind with those who matter to you and your business.

Increase the Sophistication of Your Marketing

Manage Multi-Channel Long-Term Marketing Campaigns Easily, To support your on-going efforts to nurture repeat business, you’ll not only have access to hundreds of print, email and multimedia templates on our Marketing Centre.

Personal Branding
Royal LePage branded materials including personlized items such as a pin, a portfolio, a branded email address and a FREE website!

Automatic Consumer Trust
The Royal LePage brand is a name that consumers have come to know & trust for more than 100 years. It will help get you in the door without objections.

Personal Web Presence A web presence through a free personal website, add a free profile page on our office website and another our national website at: - which is accessed by hundreds of thousands of Canadians looking to buy and sell their homes.

You will also be able to craft “client-for-life campaigns” with everything from email, print, web and video content on a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ basis.

Check out our NEW magazine too!

All this so that you’ll stay top-of-mind with your customers when they are ready to contact you for their next transaction or that of a friend!

Ready Made Marketing Tools for You and Your Customers

The Royal LePage Marketing Centre provides a wealth of professionally designed, customizable print & multimedia templates. Showcase your expert marketing skills!

Whether you want to promote yourself, prospect, manage leads, promote a listing, network for buyers or manage customer relationships, the Royal LePage Marketing Centre has a marketing piece or a drip campaign already pre-built for you.

Plus you can share professional videos with your clients and prospects about home buying, selling, staging and home ownership, as well as videos that help promote you and showcase the strength and value of the Royal LePage brand!

Social Media – Connect With Us and With Consumers!

You will also have access to leverage the great industry-related content to share with your clients and potential clients. Include videos on YouTube, even interesting information on Linked-in, on Facebook and on Twitter or others.

Follow Us @: Royal LePage Integrity - Calgary Cochrane Bearspaw Rockyview Real Estate
“In today’s world you have to be where the Buyers & Sellers are!”

Consumer Promotions

Royal LePage maintains strong national brand recognition by partnering with well-established consumer brands to offer online contests and campaigns to bring consumers to our website and to you.

Buyer & Seller Presentations

Contemporary buyer and seller presentations help you express your unique value proposition. These presentations are provided for you and are fully customizable so you can position yourself as the most qualified and professional choice to your prospective clients.

Royal LePage in the News = Industry Leadership

Royal LePage is the leading authority on Canadian real estate with monthly reports published on relevant topics and especially its very well-known House Price Survey!
This key research provides marketplace trends, establishing Royal LePage agents as the go-to resources for real estate information.

As you look in the news, Royal LePage is "the most quoted real estate firm in Canada!"
We are known nationwide as "The Voice of Canadian Real Estate."
We are the go-to resource for influential Reporters, across all media channels.
Known as well established, trustworthy and reputable by the consumer!
Even one of our Integrity office Managers writes regular local news columns and another international column as well!

Leverage The Facts and Grow Your Business Too!


At Royal LePage Integrity, our services also focus on helping our more experienced agents develop repeat and referral business. Top agents get approximately 85% of their business this way, as it provides high quality clientele while being time & cost effective.

NEW Business Opportunities – LEADS & REFERRALS

On top of the training we offer you to generate repeat business from your existing clients, we also offer the following Lead & Referral Channels:

NETWORK REFERRALS: With a network of over 16,000 professionals, you have the opportunity to meet, network with and build referral opportunities via local, provincial and national events. You can also gain additional exposure to further referral opportunities through the Royal LePage Referral Directory, distributed nationally each year and stored online through your back office.

RELOCATIONS REFERRALS: Brookfield Global Relocations Services, a Sister Company has an 80% market share in Canada! They are the second largest provider of Relocation Services in the world! This affords Royal LePage agents with the opportunity to receive referrals of their contracted relocation employees.

“Royal LePage Integrity is part of the largest Relocation Network in Canada!”

INTERNATIONAL REFERRALS: Royal LePage has a very active presence in the USA with many formal and informal referral relationships. Employees are often transferred back and forth between Canada and the USA.

Add to this, we have international referral relationships with India and other developing nations. Royal LePage is actively building out our international referral network even larger. Connect with our affiliates to send & receive referrals.

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Home Services: Like Royal LePage in Canada (Owned by none other than Warren Buffet) Berkshire Hatahway the the fastest growing national real estate firm in America. With 1,100 offices & 39,000 sales associates they cover 47 states, including Arizona, California, & Florida. A quality brand to whom you may refer your clients.

“If Warren Buffet – (Rated as the world’s best investor & one of the richest men ever) chose to work with us… over all the other options
Shouldn’t you consider us too?”

ONLINE LEADS: As one of Canada’s most highly trafficked websites, and through an award winning mobile website, is accessed by hundreds of thousands of Canadians looking to buy and sell real estate – a significant source of leads for business.

As well, optionally, Royal LePage also offers you additional sources of online leads from our various Lead Generation and Management programs.

While we at Integrity don't recommend basing your business soley on referrals its a great arm to attach to your business.


Among all the other things that make Royal LePage Integrity so unique is the fact that we are so proactive with networking that a few of our staff even manage a local Business Network!

Networking works! We bring in Guest Speakers who are experts in their own fields. We hold workshops for training members of the local business community.

Why do we do this? We believe in giving first! We also support you with this same extra training. You too can build those local, trusted and valued relationships for your business!


In addition to this, you can have access to an exclusive luxury property marketing brand called Carriage Trade. We supply FREE courses on this too and you can earn a designation.


We also offer a dedicated Commercial Division.
You can specialize in this area, get licensed in this area, or simply work with one of our Commercial Agents to keep your new commercial client on board with you!


IN SUMMARY: A profitable business is an efficient business. You will have access to industry leading marketing, technology, training tools and resources proprietary to Royal LePage. These tools were designed to help you project a professional image, to collaborate on the go, and to optimize emerging industry trends and best practices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At Royal LePage Integrity you can centralize all of your customer contact information, preferences, history and reminders in one place to most effectively cultivate strong on-going relationships with customers.

  • You can benefit from repeat & referral business by building in Action Plans to ensure you stay in touch.
  • You can also easily analyze your own business metrics to see the status of all of your active leads to understand how your year is shaping up as well the actual performance of your lead sources and thus
  • how best to decide to invest your marketing dollars.

“Measurement is the Cornerstone for Every Successful Businesses!”


  • If you ever want to take your business to the next level, you will want access to a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

We have partnered with Sales-Force, winner of CRM Magazine’s mid-market CRM and Fortune 100’s fastest growing and best company to work for. All to bring to you, a Royal LePage version of Sales-Force.

This will allow you to keep all of your customer interactions consolidated in one place, allow you to manage your ongoing marketing activities and track the ROI of all of your lead sources. You can manage your marketing spend as well as see the status of all of your active deals. Even predict what the year ahead will look like!

Now, Remember That Old Saying…
“Doing The Same Things Over & Over Again, While Expecting Different Results,
Is the Definition of Insanity!”

ROYAL LEPAGE NUMBERS ARE GROWING! Join the Power of The Largest National Firm in Canada!


We provide you with the technology to maximize you, your business & listings exposure.


Many more than 50% of searches are now done on mobile devices. Your clients & potential clients can access thousands of listings via the award winning Royal LePage Mobile Website. With access from any mobile device, this makes your listings available to potential clients from anywhere that they can access the world-wide-web!

Our IPhone App makes discovering new properties for sale in Canada simple, fun and convenient. Your clients can even use the Draw Tool to outline an area they like & receive notifications when new listings appear in that area.

“Did you know that over 50% of online searches are now done on mobile devices?”

The rlp Network:

You will have access to the rlpNetwork, our intranet and hub of all information!
Access all of the proprietary Lead Generation, Marketing and Training tools. Our preferred supplier relationships as well as easily keeping up to date with Industry News, Gift Orders from our online Store and much more!

NOW Powered by Google - An Industry FIRST In Canada!

Royal LePage Has Teamed Up With Google!

To provide the best tools in the industry and to help you drive more business more profitably. Google Apps can be accessed from anywhere, from any device at any time, allowing you to effectively make calls, communicate & collaborate with your co-workers and clients.

Coupled with our industry-leading technologies, marketing services and unparalleled training programs, we are uniquely positioned to help you build a successful business and to be one of the best!

Helping YOU is What We Do™

We’ve dedicated ourselves to serving our clients and exceeding their expectations since 1913, when industry pioneer A.E. LePage founded the company. A.E. LePage was an innovator who revolutionized the way real estate was practiced.

His leadership in customer service and quality, and his reputation for integrity and honesty, still thrive today through the thousands of leading Royal LePage real estate professionals across Canada. You can be a part of this BRAND!

Royal LePage is Canada’s Real Estate Firm!
Proudly - 100 Per Cent Canadian!
Canada's Largest National Firm!
Canadian Employees - Canadian Owners - Canadian Values!


Royal LePage is the only Canadian real estate company to have our own charitable foundation. Through the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women’s and children’s shelters, violence prevention and education programs, we are proud to make a difference in communities across Canada.

Since its inception in 1998, we have raised over $14 million to help more than 30,000 women and children who seek shelter each year. And, because Royal LePage underwrites all of theadministrative costs, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to helping this cause!

Each agent is encouraged to work with and donate to our home-grown charity.


We know that most agents leave their brokerages for one of three main reasons:

  • Lack of Current & Proper Training,
  • Lack of Managerial Accesibility and/or Support,
  • Lack of Current Technology & Tools.

Many agents stay at their current brokerage even when its not working,
because it is uncomfortable and to move is hard emotionally. So their business suffers!
Things to Consider in a New Office:

  • Wide Brand Recognition?
  • A National Firm or Locally Owned?
  • Brand History - How Old?
  • Proven Brand & Trusted?
  • Size of the Brand?
  • Size of the Brokerage?
  • Is it a Locally Owned Brokerage?
  • Local, National & International Exposure?
  • Corporate Referral Contracts?
  • Referral Programs?
  • 24 Hour Paging System?
  • Office Access 24x7?
  • Floor Duty Program?
  • Are They a Well Known Trusted Brand?
  • Realtor Tour of Homes?
  • Show Home Program?
  • Same Day Paycheques?
  • Their Average Realtor Income?
  • Their Average Realtor Success Rate?
  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Manager(s)?
  • Accessible Management?
  • A Mentorship Program?
  • One on One Training?
  • Regular Training Program for New Agents?
  • Training Program for Experienced Agents?
  • Current & Applicable Training?
  • Training & Goals Binders?
  • Annual Goals - Action Training - Daily Support?
  • Technology – Types, Current Useful?
  • Paperless Technology?
  • Virtual Office - Accessible from Anywhere?
  • In Person – Weekly Sales Meetings?
  • Social Events for Staff?
  • Community Events?
  • Community Based Charity Program?
  • Office Able to Survive Market Changes?
  • Culture, Vision, Atmosphere & Morale?
  • Is There a Guarantee for Success? *

  • If you are about to start your real estate licensing education we will work with you!
  • We will be there to answer questions & help you to achieve your designation & license.
  • Basically you will take your courses online and your exams at a physical location.
  • The average person takes about six months to get licensed, some sooner, some later.
  • It's expensive to start any business & real estate is no different - Approx $6300.00**
  • Once you are licensed you will have monthly & yearly fees to pay just like other businesses do.
  • A big question for many people is; Once licensed can you work at your Real Estate Career full time with no other income until you start completing sales? 
  • Do what you are taught, it won't take you long to make this money back and then some!


  • There are three (3) major organizations to know about in this regard.
  • Get all the correct up to date information - Directly from them below.
  • If you have any questions please contact us directly at: E-Mail:
Click the Links: REMEMBER:
Our Assistance Program. *
  • If you are new to the industry & we choose to work together, we will assist you through your education to get your license, and
  • If you need Templates for your Business or your Personal Budget, just contact us!
    “Helping You Is What We Do!”

"When you review what they offer, I don't know of any other brokerage in the area that can even come close. Add in the technology, the exposure, the marketing, the training program, the mentoring & coaching program and then Google too. Who else has all of this?"
Shelly K.

YOUR SUCCESS Almost GUARANTEED! * Ask us about this program and how ypu can guaranty your success.

For Further Information Contact

Ken Morris

Office: (403) 932-2101

* Conditions apply.
* Any or all of the mentioned programs may be cancelled or modified at any time with no prior notice, you must confirm same.
** Some Fees are set by other organizations, check with them to ensure numbers are accurate.